Freakshow is a live act created by the members of Hardstyle Mafia, Jesse & Kimi, together with their master of ceremony: Jussi Määttä.
Freakshow was formed back in 2005. They made multiple tracks between 2005-2008 but then the project was put on hold for a few years while the focus was put on their other project. In 2012, Freakshow was brought back to life and signed to Spoontech Records. Their debut EP was released in 2013 and contained the tracks “Death Wish” & “Innocent Blood“.

Loudfest, 2015

Since then, they have been busy producing as much as time allows them. Probably the most known release by them, a 4-tracker EP which includes “When Winter Comes” and “Something Inside Me“, were given out for free in 2015. Freakshow has performed at such events like: Defqon.1, Ground Zero Festival, Loudfest, and We Are Hardstyle.

Top releases of Freakshow

Always Forgotten

The Rain

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