Genox’s mixture of annihilating bass drums, relentless kick rolls, penetrating screeches, and illustrative melodies takes the listener to a darker state of his mind. Konrad Rodengo, better known by his stage name Genox, is a Hardstyle DJ and record producer. Konrad has got Italian roots (and lived there as a child) but was born in Cracow, Poland, where he also lives today.

Genox’s passion for music began at a young age. At age 8 he started to play the piano, but his taste and expertise soon evolved to span all genres; including Classical, film score, Rap, Electronic, and many forms of Rock music. As his knowledge of music grew, he became increasingly interested in the Electronic genre. Now graduated from music school and bringing together the culmination of his knowledge of all forms of music, he has dedicated his focus and passion to bringing you the unique Genox Hardstyle that you hear today!


Genox released his first EP on impMUSIC in 2010, to later move on to Bionic Digital. It was when he signed to Spoontech Records in 2012 and released “Black Is…” that he had found home. In 2016 he released “Inhuman” which took the scene by storm with support from big artists such as B-Front, Deetox, Delete, Frequencerz, Warface, Regain and many more. Shortly after the success of ‘Inhuman’ he presented “Power” – a blend of Raw Hardstyle elements with reversed bass which turned out to be a widely appreciated combination, permitting the track to hit the top 100 best-sellers and just like“Inhuman”, received an immense support.

Deservingly earning his spot on lineups for events like: Rebirth Festival, Fatality Outdoor, We Are Hardstyle, Retaliate, Bass Protocol, and Loudness this is only the beginning of what should be a long and successful career!