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The Purge strives to deliver hard-hitting kicks, piercing screeches, and dark industrial ambients in production and performances alike. The Purge started out as a duo back in 2014, made up of Manuel & Luca. However, Luca later decided to leave the project leaving Manuel alone behind the steering wheel. Manuel Moscardo is a DJ/Producer originally from Monza, Italy but is currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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Hardfront, 2018

The Purge joined Spoontech Records in early 2017 and soon their debut EP, “Beyond Imagination” was released. Throughout the year an astonishing amount of 13 various releases were presented to the fans, some of them are: “Quarantine Planet”, “Holdin’ The Hit” and the heavily supported collaboration with Mind Dimension “Roll Up”. Besides that The Purge also launched it’s first official videoclip in 2018 called “Evolution“, a truly dancefloor killer!

Since the birth of the project The Purge has been part of events like Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Q-BASE, Intents Festival, Loudness, Warface Birthday Bash and many more.

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