The Wicked

The Wicked’s, or Jack Myers’s, journey to the raw side of Hard music began in 2009. After Jack was introduced to classics such as Scar Ur Face and Who Wants This, he was hooked—captivated by the raw energy and defiant attitude of Hardstyle. Curiosity bred love for the music, which gave way to desire to learn more about the music. Initially working under the name “Hardknockz” his undeniable talent and technique as a DJ earned him a seat on the roster of local Hard Dance collective “Arizona Hardcore Junkies.”

After several years of dedication to the local scene, his obsession ignited the spark of creation. Drawing on extensive knowledge gained from years of critical listening and studio training, he harnessed a surge of creativity, and unleashed his first work. “Heartless”—a haunting track defined by mind-melting sound design and thundering gated kicks—signified the birth of his unique sound.
A new age had begun, and he discarded his old alias in favor of one far more suitable—The Wicked.

The track “Heartless” was soon picked up by several European artists and one of them was Vazard, the godfather of Spoontech. This in turn lead to a signing on the label in late 2017 as well as The Wicked’s European debut performance at Vazard’s album party in Holland.

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